A new level of comfort for the customers' happiness with unparalleled autonomous systems

Anelfort' goal is to provide automatized systems for comfort, reliability and convenience. The technology is in Artificial Intelligence applied to Automation that we simply refer as Artificial Automation. It is aimed to simplify our daily life, to improve people live. 
The patented technology is available for joint venture, licensing and/or sale. It can be used in various fields such as industrial automation, home automation (cooking, clothes ironing and folding), agriculture, public space cleaning, healthcare, etc.  

As for example, one of the application of the Artificial Automation technology is in the autonomous cleaning and washing systems of the toilet and kitchen industry. Anelfort expects to equip that comfort technology between 1 to 5% of the urban population with high income. 

The auto-cleaning systems are designed for: residences, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, stadiums, nursing homes, etc. They can be used by children, adults, elders and mostly by those with physical disability. Anelfort products marketing and Anelfort technology marketing (in PDF format) are available on demand.

Anelfort offers unprecedented:
1.User cleaning, washing and drying system mounted to the toilet seat (called: “shClean”, auto-toilet)
2.Body parts washing and drying system mounted to the sink, bidet, shower or bathtub (called: “shWash”, auto-shower).
3.Each device (“shClean”, “shWash”) also performs the cleaning of the component where it is mounted.

Anelfort automation technology brings to the society:
- Lifestyle improvement
- Water conservation and
- Environment protection 

ANELFORT has high potential opportunities in funding, investment, partnership or acquisition, please check it out.