About Anelfort

Anelfort is in the artificial automation industry. Our main goal is to bring more comfort for people in general (e.g. with auto-toilet, auto-shower, all-in-one automated cleaning device). Its core technology is patented in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to automation. The IP (intellectual property) covered market in terms of population size is more than three and half billions people.

Anelfort technologies or its components cover the following Markets: Artificial Automation, Consumer electronics, Cleantech, Hardware, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Robotics, Software, Software Development, Clean Technology, Cleantech, Home Automation, Household, Human-computer Interaction, Programming, Robotic Systems, Wellbeing, Wellness, Wellness Programs, Cleaning Automation, Agriculture Automation.

Anelfort can be contacted at the following address.

Mailing address: 
030 BP 812 Sonfonia Gare, Ratoma
Conakry Guinea
Email:    seryasig [at] anelfort.com    or     seryasig [at] gmail.com / [at] madinabuy.com