Market Opportunity - billion of users

One of Anelfort' market (artificial automation, consumer electronics, wellness, cleantech) is for: residences, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, stadiums, nursing homes, etc. The auto-toilet and auto-shower products can be used by children, adults, elders and mostly by those with physical disability. 

The primary customers are residences, hotels, etc. The products will be mostly used for comfort and hygienic purpose by children, adults and elders. The autonomous systems are also intended for people living with physical disability, the World Health Survey indicates that 10-15% of the global population lives with disability, which is over a billion people.  Also according to the World Bank, urban population with high income represents around 961,623,771 in 2015. 

Thus, just for Anelfort shClean (Anelfort Auto-toilet, one of the multiple application of the of Anelfort' Automation Technology) the addressable market is about billion potential users.