Anelfort's Automation technology comprises a portfolio of six(6) patented and patent-pending technologies. The proprietary technology is available for both licensing and/or sale in various countries. Basically, the Artificial Automation technology fits almost any automation need such as in: manufacturing, agriculture, home automation, etc.

One of the many applications of the technology is in the field of autonomous cleaning and washing systems (auto-toilet and auto-shower). The auto-toilet and auto-shower systems offer:
1. User cleaning, washing and drying system mounted to the toilet seat (called: “Anelfort shClean”, Anelfort auto-toilet)
2. Body parts washing and drying system mounted to the sink, bidet, shower or bathtub (called: “Anelfort 
shWash”, Anelfort auto-shower).
3. Each device (“
shClean”, “shWash”) performs also the cleaning of the toilet’ component where it is mounted.

Anelfort shWash Auto-shower

Anelfort shClean Auto-toilet

Another example of the technology application is in the All-in-One Automated cleaning system. It can be used for indoor and outdoor cleaning. It can perform tasks in both manual and automated mode: surface cleaning, pick up, surface wiping and drying.

Market category: Artificial Automation (AI applied to automation), Consumer Electronics, Hardware, Health/Medical, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, Robotics, Software, Software Development, Clean Technology, Cleantech, Home Automation (Auto-toilet, Auto-shower), Household, Human-computer Interaction, Programming, Robotic Systems, Wellbeing, Wellness, Wellness Programs, Cleaning, Water conservation, Artificial Intelligence.

The autonomous cleaning systems are designed for use in: residences, hotel, hospital, plane, any private/private space needing automated cleaning.