1. Attaoulaye Diallo, patent holder. The founder has fifteen (15+) years of experience in IT management. He has a Master (Maitrise) degree in Software Engineering. 
He has developed some software ( and has been doing research partially during the last eight years. 
He conducted some research into the domain of graphical user interface with horizontal working environment (

He spent eight (8+) years working for USAID (United States Agency for International development) in which five (5) years at the international level. The last occupied position was through QED contract as the Information Systems Manager.  

The founder is an open-minded and result oriented person. He is accompanied by an inclusive and dynamic team.

2. Anelfort' finance advisor and co-founder is Mr. Boubacar Korboya Balde. Who is in business for more than seventeen(17) years.

3. Anelfort' finance & operation advisor, co-founder, Mr. Diallo Thierno Ila. Mr. Diallo holds a bachelor degree in Finance. He is fluent in French and he is under 30.

Below is the organization chart.